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White Whale

This project we tailored for social cause and youth awareness Personal Project.

Have you ever heard about Blue Whale game? In Blue Whale game the developer successfully tried to manipulate people to do negative things, their result into they get depressed, they harm themselves and their life sucks. There is no encouragement to their confidence, manners or humanity.

So now our team has developed a social gaming app called as White Whale-The life changing game. White whale is North American word which means an objective that is relentlessly or obsessively pursued but difficult to achieve.

Our aim towards this game is that To inspire people to live fully.

To give them feeling of self-satisfaction. To develop their relation with their family, friends, colleagues. To aware them about their responsibilities towards society.

To change their perspective towards society, humanity.

To encourage them to helps needy people.

To aware them about their culture.

To show them good side of society. To teach them how to be self-dependent.

To guide them to solve their life problems.


 The education system in our nation is in need of improvement. We are a group of highly inspiring individuals who are committed to making it world-class. Unlike most of you, we do not have the opportunity to showcase our talent at that age. Fortunately, we are beginning to receive opportunities to accomplish our goals. This led us to realize that we needed to contribute to society somehow. As a result, we are doing this as gratitude towards society.

Whatsup Group Manager

This product is peoples create a whatsup group, But group limit is 512. 

This product is your group is full then this automatically create a new group. You can create only one time its automatically updated.


Digital Nimantran

तुमच्या साठी आह्मी घेऊन आलो आहोत नवीन पद्धतीची डिजिटल लग्नपत्रिका (डिजिटल निमंत्रण). तुमचे लग्न अविस्मरणीय बनवण्यासाठी आजच तुमची डिजिटलनिमंत्रण पत्रिका बुक करा.